Letters to the Editor

I’ll have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for Letters to the Editor. I find it’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing, and always a buzz when your stuff gets published. Here are some of my contributions to the Herald Sun (Melbourne):

On the Rio Olympics logo – June 08, 2016
Is it just me, or does the Rio Olympics logo look like a giant baby dummy?

On the Queen – April 02, 2016:
When the Queen turns 100, will she get a letter from herself?

On Madonna’s long concert delays at her recent Australian concerts – March 22, 2016:
So Madonna’s 21/2-hour concert delay is due to “personal rituals” she conducts before the show. Might try that one on my boss next time I’m late for work.

On greyhound racing’s disgusting ‘live baiting’ scandal – February 18, 2015:
Let’s hope Sandown Park is deserted this Saturday night.

On the Essendon Football Club’s supplements saga (yes, I’m a Carlton supporter but please don’t hold that against me) – August 26, 2013:
After what the AFL did to Carlton over its salary cap breaches, Essendon should lose five years’ worth of draft picks.

On Wendy Hargreave’s review of one of the Harry Potter movies – July 26, 2009:
I hate to break it to you Wendy, but that innocent Enid Blyton world you dream about, where obviously there are no such things as teenage hormones, exists only in your head.
As for describing Ron’s broomstick as a phallic symbol, I can honestly say that did not occur to me once while watching the movie.