Win a copy of my book, ‘An Italian Connection’!

In 2010 I started writing my book, An Italian Connection, which celebrates the lives and achievements of 21 notable ‘Italian Australians’ in a series of biographical articles.

When people think about famous Australians of Italian descent, they tend to picture such luminaries as singers Tina Arena and Natalie Imbruglia, actors Anthony LaPaglia and Vince Colosimo, or sports stars like rugby legend David Campese and surfer Mark Occhilupo.

I wanted to delve a bit deeper and explore other areas where Italian migrants – and their descendants – have contributed to our great country: in science, for example, or literature, business, design, law, you name it…

The result was that An Italian Connection, apart from including the aforementioned singers, actors and sports stars, also contains chapters on lesser known lights such as engineer Carlo Catani, businessmen Frank Costa and Luigi Grollo, and surgeon/medical historian Dr Ivo Vellar… people that don’t exactly come to mind in a discussion on ‘famous’ Italian Australians, but whose contributions are just as remarkable.

In celebration of all things Italian-Australian, let us know of someone who you think deserves a mention, and share their story with us!

Best entry will receive a copy of An Italian Connection!


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