Nick Kyrgios: the Rio dilemma

At the risk of being a bit controversial (not my usual style), I don’t think Nick Kyrgios should represent Australia at this year’s Rio Olympics.

Okay, I’ve said it, and if that somehow makes me ‘un-Australian’ (never liked that word), so be it.

In fact, even if Nick were our absolute best chance of a gold medal (which he isn’t), I’d be against it. Okay, so we end up with 439 gold medals instead of 440… no big deal.

What we could end up with if he does go is a reputation for pandering to spoilt brats – if we haven’t already developed exactly that. Kyrgios, after all, earned ‘the most hated man in tennis’ tag from overseas media last year after his infamous ‘Kokkinakos banged your girlfriend’ comment during a match in Montreal. What’s worse is that since then he’s done nothing to try and repair the damage to his reputation, being regularly called out for audible obscenities, racquet abuse and even bullying ball kids.

The guy’s a ticking time bomb and somehow, a ‘Kyrgios event’ at the Olympics seems a lot worse than one at Wimbledon or the Australian Open. There are a lot more people watching for a start, and if he did happen to win a medal, how would the Brazilian crowd react? Could Nick become the first Aussie Olympic athlete to receive boos and jeers while standing on the dais?

Should we risk it?

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