I rate (or ‘irate’) past Olympic slogans

Let’s be honest: many Olympic slogans that have been used in the past have been generic at best, and boring or just downright weird at worst. Here are some of the ones I think stand out – although not necessarily for the right reasons…

The Good:

Summer 2004, Athens
Welcome Home
This one is obviously a reference to the History of the games, which of course began in Greece. Carries great sentiment and works well.

Summer 1992, Barcelona
Friends Forever
Short, simple and meaningful; a great example of ‘less is more’.

Summer 2008, Beijing
One World, One Dream
Perhaps a bit predictable, but quite nice in that ‘let’s all stand united and forget the fact that the world is a mess’ way.

The Slightly Weird

Winter 2006, Torino
Passion Lives Here
Awkward sounding sentence; perhaps doesn’t translate well from Italian.

Winter 1998, Nagano
From around the world to flower as one
What the…?

Summer 1988, Seoul
Harmony and Progress
Sounds like a high school motto – or part of a political campaign.

The Yawn-Inducing

Winter 1988, Calgary
Sharing the Passion
The slogan for this year’s Rio Olympic Games is Live Your Passion. What is it with the word ‘passion’?

Summer 1984, Los Angeles
Dare to Dream
Hmm, haven’t heard that one before…

Summer 2000, Sydney
Share the Spirit
Really did want to like this one, but…

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